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August: Healthy vegan snack, vegan peach cobbler, stray cats, and so on.
September: Vegan pizza and brownie as well as experiences at several vegan restaurants.
October: New soymilk product and vegan ramen noodle, and so on.
November: Stories about the meeting with Japan Vegetarian Society chairpersons, vegan wedding meal, and experiences in Kyoto and Vietnam.
December: Attended Japan Vegetarian Society's meeting, delicious vegetarian food in YOKOHAMA China town, wasting time and money on staling foods, and trip to Penang.
January: Experimenting some vegan breakfast recipes, receiving an e-mal from the reader, pondering bug's life, and so on
February: Tried a macrobiotic restaurant in Tokyo, and the trip to Laos.
March: Struggling to get a vegan flihgt meals at Malaysian Airline.
April: Having vegan wedding plates again, business trip to Cambodia and Vietnam, and busy days.
May: Nayonnaise discovery and some food disasters.
June: Life is going on.
February: Attended a meeting on refugee issues in Japan held by Amnesty International Japan
March: Fresh soy milk and fasionable fake leather sneakers, etc.
April A conversation with my husband over a TV show and "Meatarians vs. vegetarians."
May A trip to the U.S. for research. Had an opportunity to attend a fantastic vegan wedding of my friend's.
July A thought on eating whale meat.


Great news for vegetarians who live in the central part of Tokyo. You should go to the store "Deli" in the Korakuen subway station building. It sells a variety of imported foods including vegetarian items such as Nayonnaise, instant hummus, and veggie burgers. There are bagels (though the price is 200 yen per piece!), nuts, dried fruits (I've found dates as well), and quinoa. The funny thing on the receipt was that it was written "organic food" instead of Nayonnaise I bought. (Is that really so?) The shop itself is small but you'll hardly be disappointed.

Now I conclude that I can't build a good relationship with hummus. How many times I've ever wasted my handmade hummus? This time, I've noticed that it smelled a little bit suspicious; I didn't want waste it anymore so I tried to fry the leftover to make falafel. The result was complete failure. The balls were going to be melted in the oil. Still I ate some of them but finally gave up since they were too oily. I even had a stomachache. Why didn't I cover the hummus balls with some flour?

Tonight I had a craving for chocolate cake and the brownie from "Cookin' Southern" pooped up in my mind. I always use eggs in the recipe since I don't have any commercial egg replacer. This time, I thought I could try the formula I read in Vegetarian Journal: one teaspoon of soy flour with two tablespoons of water. I should confess it didn't work in the brownie. It kept watery in the oven and I had to bake it for an hour while the recipe indicated only 25 minutes. The texture became more Italian biscotti rather than gooey brownie. The taste was not so bad but just after the failure of falafel, this biscotti-like thing made me depressed enough. Worse, the spring holiday season (so called GOLDEN WEEK in Japan) is getting over with this unhappy experience.

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