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August: Healthy vegan snack, vegan peach cobbler, stray cats, and so on.
September: Vegan pizza and brownie as well as experiences at several vegan restaurants.
October: New soymilk product and vegan ramen noodle, and so on.
November: Stories about the meeting with Japan Vegetarian Society chairpersons, vegan wedding meal, and experiences in Kyoto and Vietnam.
December: Attended Japan Vegetarian Society's meeting, delicious vegetarian food in YOKOHAMA China town, wasting time and money on staling foods, and trip to Penang.
January: Experimenting some vegan breakfast recipes, receiving an e-mal from the reader, pondering bug's life, and so on
February: Tried a macrobiotic restaurant in Tokyo, and the trip to Laos.
March: Struggling to get a vegan flihgt meals at Malaysian Airline.
April: Having vegan wedding plates again, business trip to Cambodia and Vietnam, and busy days.
May: Nayonnaise discovery and some food disasters.
June: Life is going on.
February: Attended a meeting on refugee issues in Japan held by Amnesty International Japan
March: Fresh soy milk and fasionable fake leather sneakers, etc.
April A conversation with my husband over a TV show and "Meatarians vs. vegetarians."
May A trip to the U.S. for research. Had an opportunity to attend a fantastic vegan wedding of my friend's.
July A thought on eating whale meat.

April 10, 2002
My husband and I are watching a morning TV show in the futon. It was about, say, "This marvelous black pork!" They reported how the farms raised black pigs to produce delicious meat. With organic feed and fresh air in the mountains, the pigs were happily running all over the farm. And when they turn to be one-year-old, they are sent to a slaughter house. I couldn't believe how the reporter dare eat pork dishes just after seeing those happy pigs. But my husband said, "You can say so, but it's delicious. It can't be helped." Please give me any good advice what to say to those kind of people!

April 19, 2002
Meatarians vs Vegetarians. That's what I've experienced this week. Two nights ago, I saw a TV document reporting the growing number of undernourished elderly people in Japan. Eating too little (one old lady, for example, had only a bowl of rice with some salty foods such as cooked/tasted kombu seaweed and a piece of dried fish a day), they are having trouble with keeping their health. Nutritionists are trying to have them take more meat because of a serious lack of protein among those elderly people. The anchorwoman questioned which type of protein, animal-based or plant-based, should be recommended, and the guest nutritionist/researcher clearly responded, "We prefer meat." She said that elderly people usually like fish rather than meat so the key to improve the situation should be meat. The anchorwoman again asked whether we should be careful about cholesterol related with meat-consuming. The answer was that only overweighed people had to concern such things. I'm afraid many people who saw this TV program would believe that meat is indispensable for being energetic and healthy.

Then, let's move on to the vegetarian side. Today I attended a party to celebrate the publishing of a new vegetarian cooking book. More than 100 people gathered and enjoyed fabulous vegan sweets. I talked with many people who had become healthier after quitting eating meat. I wanted to say, "See?"

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