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| Update | July 12, 2002
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August: Healthy vegan snack, vegan peach cobbler, stray cats, and so on.
September: Vegan pizza and brownie as well as experiences at several vegan restaurants.
October: New soymilk product and vegan ramen noodle, and so on.
November: Stories about the meeting with Japan Vegetarian Society chairpersons, vegan wedding meal, and experiences in Kyoto and Vietnam.
December: Attended Japan Vegetarian Society's meeting, delicious vegetarian food in YOKOHAMA China town, wasting time and money on staling foods, and trip to Penang.
January: Experimenting some vegan breakfast recipes, receiving an e-mal from the reader, pondering bug's life, and so on
February: Tried a macrobiotic restaurant in Tokyo, and the trip to Laos.
March: Struggling to get a vegan flihgt meals at Malaysian Airline.
April: Having vegan wedding plates again, business trip to Cambodia and Vietnam, and busy days.
May: Nayonnaise discovery and some food disasters.
June: Life is going on.
February: Attended a meeting on refugee issues in Japan held by Amnesty International Japan
March: Fresh soy milk and fasionable fake leather sneakers, etc.
April A conversation with my husband over a TV show and "Meatarians vs. vegetarians."
May A trip to the U.S. for research. Had an opportunity to attend a fantastic vegan wedding of my friend's.
July A thought on eating whale meat and an article in TIME magazine.

July 12, 2002

This week's TIME magazine featured the vegetarian trend in the U.S. ( I wonder why they didn't interview any reliable vegetarian/vegan researchers regarding nutrition issues. Anyway, I felt that TIME was ridiculing vegans as if they are just fanatics. (Still a long way to go!) Anyone who want to write a letter to defense your standpoints?

July 1, 2002

On 6/28-30's the Asian Wall Street Journal, I found the article on a whale meat eating experience by an American reporter. ("Sentiment in a Stew.") First he had misgivings about eating whale meat but couldn't stop being amazed at the gorgeous course of sashimi, whale bacon, tongue soup, and whale stew dish. It makes sense he cited whale meat lovers such as the proprietress of a whale meat restaurant and her customers with his own sympathies.

Eating whale meat is a sensitive, as well as now very complicated, issue and I guess the conservationists can't conceive those who claim their rights of "traditional" way of doing. Even if the news of highly-contaminated whale meat, KUJIRA lovers would never change their mind.

Still, to the comment like "The whale meat is our real beef," only vegetarians/vegans could insist, "But we don't eat beef." You are vegetarian/vegan although you know how delicious meat is since you believe it is right to stop eating animals. Otherwise, the voice of "Don't Hunt Whales" won't have the power against the words, "That's just a cultural difference and it's rude to tell us what we can eat." In this sense, I totally agree with PETA's current campaign of "Eat The Whales." (

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